Sharp A/C Error Code E1

It appears that my experience with the Sharp Air Conditioner that I blogged the fix for back on 7/31 has been getting a whole lot of hits over the past week or so. I even got an email from Ian (how did Ian get my email address, I wonder?) telling me of his experience with a similar model, AF-S80FX, and a slightly different fix. Ian was about to take it in for service after 1 month. The service center was so backed up that he called Sharp again to try to get a unit swap under warranty. He was escalated through the support ranks. He received an addendum to the manual from Sharp that states that the 720 hour reset procedure is no longer just an unplug from power and plug back in deal. According to Ian, the new procedure is:
1. Unplug the unit for 5 seconds
2. Hold the power button in until the unit beeps (not clear if this is with the power plug out or after plugging back in)
3. Pull the plug and reconnect a second time. (not sure if you’re supposed to be holding the power button in)
He continues with additional instructions provided if that doesn’t work:
1. Pull the power cord.
2. Hold the MODE button while plugging the unit back in, but do not let go of MODE
3. The unit will beep and start to operate
4. Let go of MODE and depress the Power button to turn it off
5. Press power to turn back on
I think that the first procedure sounds a whole lot like the one I used.
1. Pull the power
2. Hold the power button in for the next bunch of steps – don’t let go!
3. Plug the unit back in, it will start, stop, and beep
4. Pull the plug out, don’t let go of power
5. Plug the unit back in, it will start, stop and beep
6. Pull the plug out. Let go of power button.
7. Plug the unit back in and power it up. Set controls to your liking.
Ian never got back to me to tell me if his problem was completely, resolved, but I think it was. Jake commented the other day that it fixed his problem. I wonder how many other people were able to fix their Sharp A/C issue with this information? Sharp, are you listening? Their A/C FAQ is a little sparse on information about any errors!

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