Black-eyed Peas

So, it is now the 2nd day of 2011. Pennie caught a flu bug at the end of 2010 and spent the weekend feeling pretty miserable. Despite her misery, she prepared a dinner of black-eyed peas for last night. We skipped them on January 1st of 2010 and we know what kind of year it was! Here’s to hoping that we’re facing a much better 2011!

I’ve been continuing work at my parents’ house, getting a fair amount done this weekend. On Friday there was a full house with the carpenter, the plumber, the painters, and me. Lou, the carpenter spent the day on the porch. It will look amazing once the drywall and trim is up, the greenhouse window floor is tiled, and the room painted. I think that it might be a major selling point for the house. The plumber repaired the toilet in the half bath that wouldn’t stop running when flushed and the upstairs toilet that leaked from the gasket under the tank. The painters put a skim coat of drywall compound on the walls of the stairway to the 2nd floor. And I did electrical stuff as well as helped Lou with the drywall for the porch ceiling. I took down the ceiling fans in the downstairs bedrooms and put up some nice generic light fixtures. I also put up a single ceiling fixture in the porch after the drywall was up. And I removed a circuit for an outlet in the kitchen and a dangling wire that we found in the basement ceiling.

On Saturday, the 1st, I cleaned up the main floor of the house and I pulled off the paneling in the kitchen. Of course, that created some new work when I discovered that there was no drywall behind the refrigerator, that the wall oven is set into a 2×4 frame that’s only covered by paneling, and that the lower half of the walls in the kitchen used to have tile on them. Lou will have some drywall work to take care of in the kitchen.

I’m heading back over today to do some minor things such as pulling the rest of the nails from the kitchen wall near the ceiling and setting the outlet for the refrigerator that was not attached to the framing. There is still quite a bit to get done there, but progress is evident.

About Stephen Boots

I spend too much time at the computer, but I also share responsibility for the care of our dogs and cat with my lovely wife, Pennie. I have been honored with a Microsoft MVP award since October, 2004.
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